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Scaling Up Group

Scale Up your business and develop your leadership skills within a trusted group of fellow senior business executives.

What Is It?



Central London

10 x group meetings per year

Bi-monthly 1-2-1 Coaching

Giving a Presentation

In person group meetings.

One-to-one Coaching

Peer learning with other "Scaling-Up" business leaders.

Top business coaches to take you through your businesses highs and lows and how to manage them.

Learn the award winning Scaling Up methodology. 

Specialist guest speakers.

Annual retreat

Exclusive membership for maximum 10 people.

Scaling Up Group

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10x full-day group meetings per year:
• Individual Check-ins
• 6x Subject-matter-expert workshops

• Progress Reviews
• Facilitated discussions
• Actions: Who, What, When

Scaling Up

All members will be trained and coached to implement the Scaling Up method in their
• Access to all Scaling Up tools and templates.

121 Sessions

Confidential Bi-monthly 121
• Up to 90 minutes
• Progress reviews
• Coaching on Scaling Up tools
• Opportunities, Challenges,
Decisions, Stucks
• In-person (central London)  or via Zoom.

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Group Retreat

Also Includes

Annual Group Retreat focused on Futures, Personal Effectiveness, Reflection, Energy, Wellbeing:

• 2 days plus travel *
• Group / outdoor activities
• Good food / wine
• Focus on the individual rather than the business


* Members pay Individual travel, accommodation and activity charges at cost.

Member Criteria


• All group meetings take place at a central London location, 10.00-18.00.

• Members are expected to stay for the full group session.
• Members must attend a minimum of 7 group meetings (out of 10) per year.
• All members will be guided through the Scaling Up methodology, covering the full Scaling Up
toolkit in addition to various leadership and
growth speaker workshops.
• Members can leave the group at any time
giving 90 days notice by email.

• CEOs, Managing Directors, Owners,
Founders and Senior Business Executives
• Revenue £3m+
• Focused on growth
• Open to learning, sharing
• Sense of fun
• A maximum of 10 members per group



• £1,200 + VAT per month
• Group members will be invoiced quarterly in advance.

• Fees must be paid on receipt of invoice by bank transfer.
• Fees include:
• All group and 121 sessions, refreshments, lunches etc.


Month of January

Dates For Group Meetings

2024 / 2025

19 Sep 24

24 Oct 24

28 Nov 24

19 Dec 24

16 Jan 25

20 Feb 25

27 Mar 25

15 May 25

19 Jun 25

17 Jul 25

What past participants have said about the Scaling Up Group

"Having become somewhat of a veteran when it comes to Executive coaching groups, I have found the Scaling Up model to be refreshing. The focus is absolutely on growth and really challenging business owners to achieve the growth they so desire and to take responsibility of that. There are excellent tools and support from experienced and well-trained professionals and, genuinely, I feel that I am now learning new things about myself and my team that I hadn't been able to access from my previous coaching regime."

Alex Goldsmith, CEO, Medigold Health

Alex Goldsmith, CEO, Medigold Health

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